Online Olympiad Preparation Packages for Class – 7 (Maths & Science)

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Olympiad and Talent Exams preparation packages for achieving great scores

Conceptual testing and thought-provoking questions

Graded questions and step by step approach

Candid Analysis Reports to focus on weak areas

Learning through assessment for enhanced scores in Boards

All questions are ‘Multiple Choice type’ with only one correct answer.


For every chapter, 5 tests are conducted. This is a Unique 5 STEP process.

Test 1 – STEP 1 : Basic-level Questions

Test 2 – STEP 2 : Challenging Questions

Test 3 – STEP 3 : Advanced-level Questions

Test 4 – STEP 4 : This test is formulated using permutations and combination of questions answered wrongly in STEPS 1, 2 & 3.

Test 5 – STEP 5 : New questions covering all levels : Basic, Challenging and Advanced.

Each test can be taken 5 times.

Answers with logical explanations are provided for every test.


All the tests are backed by interesting and very useful Analysis Reports.


Question-wise Analysis : It gives the percentage of students who answered each and every question correctly and wrongly. It also gives you an idea of your level of performance compared to others who have taken the test.

Overall Analysis : Gives the test -wise performance on a single graph.

These packages fulfil the need of ‘additional preparation’ of students for regular Board exams.



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